The Adventures of FUNnel Boy COMPLETE SEASON 1 (All 7 Episodes)

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Its your favorite FUNnel Vision mascot, FUNnel Boy!!! Now with his very own animated series!!! . Watch all of Skip McGiggleson aka FUNnel Boy's awesome adventures, like the time he met the Evil Zeebub, and when he learned how to be a baller like Kobeef Fryant. Watch him deliver the good with Postal Jenkins and be a top taste tester with Gary the Shark. Behold as he learned how to be a medical doctor with some help from Derpy Bacon & mEGGz and how he became Dr. Greenthumb with some help from Clarence. And of course who can forget him layin' down the law with Officer Jenkins, in hot pursuit of that stinky scoundrel, Baggo Beans! This was the first scripted animated series for the channel and was super fun to make. Hope you like, thumbs up if you do!

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