Tiny Furries Adventures | Furries Love Ice cream! | Kids Toy Play Videos

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Join the Tiny Furries as they visit the Fro Yo emporium for some tasty treats, but when another Furry enters with some magic-looking sherbert sprinkles they all get curious. What will happen to their voices? Find out now!
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Have you ever imagined having a friend in your palm? Let's meet Silverlit's Tiny Furries! Build a friendship with it in your palm - you will be amazed by how it interacts like a real friend: it will sing a song for you, talk to you, and tell you it's happy! Play with it alone and connect them altogether for more surprises - there are iver 60+ reactions! Touch the soft, fluffy and colourful furs of Tiny Furries - the fus can be switched and interchangeable. Fashion your BEST Tiny Furries Friends and bring it along with you - like hanging out with your best friend!

Tiny Furries Adventures | The Fro Yo Magic! | Funny Videos for Kids
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